About AGAPE Foundation for Asia Pacific Ministries

Agape means, simply, love.

Agape aims to develop capable and responsible citizens of Timor Leste through basic education and behavioral change (social ethics), communication skills development, livelihood training, feeding program for school children, and facilitate other educational support to impoverished and hearing-impaired youth and adults.

With Agape’s support, the Timorese people are helped to be empowered, self-reliant, responsible and God-honoring citizens who contribute to the country’s social and economic development.

The director of Agape is Pastor Nelson Fernandez and the supervisor is his wife, Rowena Fernandez. The Fernandezes have been in Timor Leste and serving the Timorese with faith and dedication since 2002. Besides Agape School for the Deaf, the Foundation runs a kindergarten in the village of Fatumasi, in the district of Liquiçá (neighbouring the capital, Dili).

Agape was also a partner of the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) from 2009 to 2013, during which the SIF sent long- and short-term volunteers as trainers to the school.