Gesture of Goodwill at Timor Leste

Aug 16, 2010
ST Digital, by Lim Wui Liang

NUS graduate with hearing loss wants to develop a sign language for deaf Timorese..

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Girl Learnt to Write Her Name at Agape School

July 26, 2010
TODAY, by Ng Jing Jing

It started out with just four students, but through word-of-mouth, the class grew in numbers…

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Citizens of Timor Leste Now Facing New Crisis of Malnutrition

July 28, 2010, by Nurfadhila Kamarul

Timor Leste: Four years after social unrest swept through Timor Leste, the people are now facing a new crisis – malnutrition…

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A Quiet Class, But A Satisfying Experience

by Ng Jing Jing

DILI (Timor Leste): She got up shyly from her seat and walk to the shiny Apple notebook at her teacher’s table…

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Lutra Kontra Pobreza Tenke Inklui Mos Ema Defisiente

In the news.

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