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Agape School for the Deaf offers free education to the deaf community in Dili. We depend on the generosity and kindness of donors for a significant portion of our operating expenses. Your donations and sponsorships for the items below are very much appreciated and welcome!

No. Item Description
Staff salaries The total expenses for staff salaries of Deaf teachers (5), Deaf admin staff (1), Deaf maintenance staff (2), senior hearing teachers/management (3) amount to US$5,500 per year.
Vocational training Agape now runs 3 vocational and livelihood programs for Agape students: baking, sewing and metalwork art pieces.The products are sold to the general public in Dili to generate income.The ingredients for baking, raw materials for metalwork and sewing, and other expenses such as electricity amount to US$2,500 per year.
Meals, transport, sports & recreation Agape provides every needy student a meal and transport allowance, or both, to ensure that every one can attend school. We also offer free sports training and equipment to selected students who may get to participate in national or international competitions. Annual costs for all these are about US$4,000.
Need for bigger school premises Agape is now operating in a backyard cum garage space, and we are facing space constraints due to our growing student population and expanding range of activities.As such, we hope to move to a more permanent and bigger facility in Dili, Timor Leste. The school requires space for at least 2 classes of about 10 to 15 students at a time, a vocational training and production room and an administrative-cum-staff room.Ideally, we wish for a lease of at least 5 years and are open to the possibility of co-sharing the facility with other NGOs or VWOs.
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Agape Escola ba Tilun Diuk
(Agape School for the Deaf)
Agape Foundation for Asia Pacific Ministries
Delta I, Dili Timor Leste

Contact person: Rowena Fernandez 
Mobile: (+67) 077 242 039
Email: nelson2et@yahoo.com


Contact person: Alvan Yap
Mobile: (+65) 915 96770 [SMS only]
Email: enquiry@agapeschoolforthedeaf.com

Note if you wish to donate educational materials/resources or similar items, we have to be selective in what we accept. This is to ensure that the materials/resources are appropriate and useful for the students (maximum level should be Primary 6 in Singapore’s mainstream 
curriculum), as well as the shipping costs and availability of such materials in Dili itself.